Automated Circular Spud Welder

Cam Controlled

Cam Circle Welder White BG v2.0

The cam-follower controlled circle welder can automatically weld on a flat or curved surface. Base mount and part holding can be designed and manufactured to hold any part below the moving welding head at any angle required. Push button controls provide simple control of weld position and function.

Servo Controlled

Servo Controlled Welder v3.0 White BG

The servomotor-controlled circle welder uses a linear servo motor to control the rise and fall of the spindle to follow the contour of the work piece as it is welded. The circular rotation is also servo controlled and can be programmed for welding up to 365 degrees of rotation.

Servo control allows pre-programming of multiple parts. A teach cycle and HMI provides the flexibility to create and adjust programs with minimal effort. When running a variety of parts, the programmable HMI reduces changeover to the push of a button.

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