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Leland-Gifford, Inc., an Ohio Corporation, was formed in May 1984 for the purpose of acquiring the Leland-Gifford Drill Press Product line from White consolidated Industries. Since that time nine additional product lines have been added to the mix: Stone cut-off Saws, Heston Screen Changers, Wardwell Saw Sharpeners, Barker Milling Machines, Kent Owens Milling Machines, Center-Lap Machines, Gallmeyer & Livingston surface grinders, Hybco tool & cutter grinders, and Reid surface grinders.

Product Lines

Barker Mill

Barker AM Hand

The product line consists of small horizontal spindle production mills. 

Center Lap


The product line conditions center holes in hardened work pieces prior to finish grinding operations. 

Gallmeyer & Livingston

GL model580

The line consists of high precision surface grinders used by the metal working industry in tool room and production operations.



Heston screen changers are an accessory for plastic extruders which changes melt flow stream filter screens without interrupting the continuous operation.


Hybco 2100

The product line consists of a number of devices used in the manufacture and maintenance of metal and wood cutting tools: two-way relieving fixtures, chamfer and flute heads, drill and tap grinders, and multi-purpose grinders.

Kent Owens


The product line consists of automatic hydraulic milling machines. The machines range from simple automatic cycling machines to fully automatic rise and fall horizontal spindle machines.

Leland Gifford


For many decades, Leland Gifford machines were the standard for drilling machines. 


Reid 618-HR

The Reid line consists of manual and hydraulic surface grinders.


Stone M-250

Stone cutting machines produce cuts that are smooth with a semi-ground finish often eliminating the need for further machining.



The Saw Sharpener is used by manufacturers who use a large quantity of metal slitting saws, or thin blade type milling cutters.

Products & Services

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Barker Milling Machines

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Center Lapping Machines

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Grand Rapids G & L Grinders

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Heston Screen Changers

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Hybco Tool & Cutter Grinders

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Kent-Owens Hydraulic Mills


Leland-Gifford Drills

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Reid Surface Grinders

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Stone Abrasive Saws

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Wardwell Saw Sharpeners

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