Boom Tube Welder

Custom Designed Automation to Fit Your Welding & Work Piece Needs

Cecil Peck has a reputation for building high quality, durable, custom machinery that continues to perform year after year. Each machine is designed to our customer’s specific needs and requirements. This reputation and the ability of every Peck Machine to perform as designed is why customers have returned to us repeatedly for new applications, designs and machinery as their product lines change and expand.

Depending on your weld parameters and requirements a 40 ft. boom section can be fully welded in as little as 30 minutes.

boom welder


Automatic Weld Cycle:

  • Outside weld
  • Inside weld
  • Stiffener plate

Standard Safety Features:

  • Infrared safety curtain
  • UV protectant curtain
  • Fire retardant felt curtains
  • Multiple Emergency Stops
  • Safety guards


  • Customizable to your application
  • Crane booms
  • Telescopic material handler
  • Longitudinal welds of formed or 4–plate booms


  • Smoke Collection
  • Side Sheet Preheat
  • Machine paint color

Installation & Training

Peck technician available for onsite installation and training.


  • Longitudinal welds are achieved in one cycle.
  • Multiple welding process can be integrated.
  • Weld formed and four–plate booms.
  • Capable of neutral axis welding.
  • Standard boom size range:
    • 6” to 32” wide
    • 6” to 40” tall
    • 40’ long
  • Up to 12 mounted welding torches,
    • 6 can run simultaneously.
    • 6 outside seam welder
    • 2 inside seam welder (min. 9” high)
    • 2 stiffener plate welder
    • 2 neutral axis
  • Tack torch included.
  • Heat Sink Table to reduce distortion.
  • Gantry platform can hold up to 6 barrels of welding wire.
  • Weld speed: approx. 17—27 inches per minute depending on weld parameters.
  • Gas flow and water flow sensing.
  • Squaring fixture and side sheet supports help to minimize distortion.
  • Custom mandrels and weld shelf rollers.
  • Quick changeover between boom sizes.
  • Programmable HMI for quick program recall.
  • Can store up to 100 programs.

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