Leland Gifford

Gallmeyer & Livingston

Built in the USA since 1923, many Gallmeyer & Livingston surface grinders are still in good working order. Prized for their longevity, Gallmeyer & Livingston machines use high-quality, gray iron castings which were designed with mass and stability to withstand the test of time. These are machines used for the toughest jobs, where heavy stock removal would cause distortion on a lighter machine.

We continue to offer spare parts for these durable surface grinders. Gallmeyer & Livingston durability is achieved through separate hydraulic and lubrication systems. By keeping the lubrication system totally separate from the hydraulic system, we avoid the pitfalls inherent in many less costly machines. By using a non-recirculating lube system, we make sure that grit and swarf are not pumped into machine ways to cause premature wear. 

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