Leland Gifford


Hybco tool and cutter grinding equipment and related products are available. Known for their simplicity and accuracy, Hybco specializes in radial and axial relieving equipment, fixtures, and universal grinders. The equipment is designed specifically for the manufacturing or re-sharpening of drills, reamers, taps, step tools, end mills and face cutting tools.

Hybco Main Products:

Model 400 Tap Sharpener 
Model 500 Bench Grinder 
Model 800 Tap Grinding Head
Series 700 Tap Grinders
Model 1100 Tap Grinder
Model 1900 Tool and Cutter Grinder
Model 1940 Universal Work Head
Model 2100 Two-way Reliving Fixture
Model 1920 Optical Comparator
Model 1930 Wheel Dresser
Model 1950 Tail Stock
Model 1970 and Model 1980
Model 3000 Tool and Cutter Grinder
Model 6000 Drill Point Grinding and Tap Sharpening Attachment
Model 6100 Flute Head
Model 7000 Universal Tool and Cutter Grinder

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